About us

Yeong Yang Elevator Company was found in 1983 with the growing demand for elevators in Taiwan. Our founder started the elevator manufacturing,installation  and maintenance business in his own home.

Over 40 years of running the customized elevators business, we have experienced technical teams,production facilities and install more than thousands of different size and types of elevators. We are the most reliability elevator manufacturer in Taiwan. 

We are committed to satisfying customers with reliable and comfortable elevators with 24 hours customer care services. We are specifically in customizing the elevator design and installation.We have been exporting our elevators,including parts to Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai and Macao…etc.

Our commitment is making the high quality elevators to keep people safe and comfortable when taking elevators.


Passenger/ Villa / Hospital Elevator

More than of 40 years manufacturing experience, we have been helping customers to configure the best capacity and material of elevator for customers’ specific needs. We ensure the success of each project from design and installation to maintenance.

The elevator is also an art of design. Besides focusing on the safety , we make a variety of stainless surface on the car cabinet to satisfy customers’ requirement and also become a decoration of home or factory. 

Yang Yeong would make the weight of 200 to 5000 kgs of elevator . Yeong Yang is a leader of making the big capacity , as well as making a small villa elevator in Taiwan.

Freight Elevator

Most of our maintenance business comes from freight elevators. Because we pay much attention to the mechanical assembly and other parts, such as expansion screws and cable. Therefore, we are trustworthy for heavy capacity elevator manufacturer in Taiwan.

Car Elevator

Our car elevator differs from other competitors is that we make the stronger car cabinet ,also take good use of the limit space to satisfy customers’ requirement.

Observation Elevator

Observation Elevator is a great choice for the guest house, restaurant ,office building ,commercial and residential . Yeong Yang gains its reputation focus on quality, especially in process of making and installing elevators.

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator are perfectly made for durability ,larger weight capacities and long time use .The hydraulic elevator systems operate through the compression of fluids. Its operation is very simple. Yeong Yang is well-known for building and repairing the hydraulic elevator in the market.

Machine Room-Less Elevator

Machine-room-less elevators utilize a gearless traction machine located in the hoistway .  Yeong Yang has making the MRL elevator for many years and we get repeat orders  from our loyal customers.







We are certified elevator manufacturing and repairing company since 1983. We own our production line and we are efficient team player when come to install and repair elevators.   

The high quality elevator and perfect installation are the reasons we succeed in the market . Some of components we use are made from suppliers in Japan and Taiwan, such as steel rope from Yusaki and expansion screws from Captain.

Yeong Yang provides high quality elevators with reasonable prices. The safety and customer satisfaction are our top priority . Therefore, we insist make the one seat of lower limit switch and install the swing arm type door operator .

We not only satisfy customer requirement , but also take the durability of elevator into consideration. The major part of elevator,including machine, machine beam, bed platform and heavy hammer , are made in baking paint before installing to hoist.

Our elevator combine the art of design and durability of products . We guarantee our elevators would be used at least for 20 years as long as it is maintained regularly . Take the door opening pedal for example, we fixes it to the cabinet by screws and also reinforce its structure by our experienced machine engineers.

Because of our high quality to manufacturing and installation , it leads to the lower repairing ratio. Also, our monthly maintenance service keeps our elevator run smoothly. Without any accident since we run the company,we are the safety elevator company in the world. 

Yeong Yang Elevator Corp.

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